Frog’s Bog / Hugg ’n’ Bugg: The Comb

These are two recent picture books kindly sent for review by the publishers, Graffeg 

Frog’s Bog
Marielle Bayliss and Mariela Malova

It’s a fine sunny morning and all Frog feels like doing is relaxing on a log in the boggy pond. It’s not to be though, for first of all Fox gives him a soaking – albeit unintentionally. Then as he sits waiting for a bug to consume, along comes Dragonfly diving right at him – goodbye tasty treat.

Next Frog tries a boat in a moat, surely nothing can disturb him there. Err, he hadn’t factored in a visit from Kingfisher. Next thing he knows, Frog’s boat is upturned and as for peace and quiet, the day is fast disappearing and poor Frog still hasn’t found any of that.

Come sunset, Frog is in a brook and is ready to join the blackbirds in their evening rendition, never mind all he can manage is a raspy croaking croon. Suddenly this is brought to a conclusion thanks to a woodpecker sending down a shower of wood chippings making Frog depart hastily to the stream to contemplate his disaster of a day. As he speaks aloud of his discontent, he’s heard by the bees. They buzz off to have a few words on Froggy’s behalf with the animals that live nearby.

Can teamwork provide a means of making Frog’s Bog the very best place to be?

Mariela Malova’s scenes of Frog’s frightful day as he tries to find a peaceful piece of water are hilarious 

and make Marielle Bayliss’s rhyming account of his day even more deliciously droll and dramatic.

Hugg ’n’ Bugg: The Comb
Ian Brown and Eoin Clarke

The unlikely duo messy yeti Hugg, and Bugg, a flea that doesn’t like the cold, return in a new tale set as before in the Himalayas. While out wandering lower down the mountain they discover something small and pink on the snowy ground and suddenly encounter a frightened man who on seeing them, dashes away in fright leaving behind the comb.

Hugg picks up the pink object and tests it in a lock of his hair, moving on to his thicker fur. He likes the feeling and is soon bragging about his new handsome appearance, dubbing himself ‘the most stylish Mummy Nubble Snowman’. Bugg meanwhile is not enjoying the combing and a squabble ensues with Hugg going so far as suggesting the two part company.

Bugg is horrified that a new comb could result in him having to find a new home and proceeds to remind Hugg of what he will miss should they go their separate ways. But then a run-in with some very rude leopards, 

followed by an alarming threat to their home, help Hugg ‘n Bugg see sense, value their togetherness; and as for the comb, it’s still safe among Hugg’s treasures.

Whimsical and whacky illustrations by Eoin Clarke combined with Ian Brown’s fun rhyming text will entertain young listeners at home or in the classroom, and adult readers aloud will enjoy giving a hair-raising performance of the drama.Categories: Picture Books Tags: Eoin ClarkeFrog’s BogGraffegHuggnBugg: The CombIan BrownMariela MalovaMarielle Bayliss

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