The Blue-footed Booby

The Blue-footed Booby
Rob Biddulph
Harper Collins Children’s Books

A laugh-out-loud rhyming tale from Rob Biddulph: what more can a picture book lover ask? This one is all about boobies – the red-footed variety – all of which are at heart, bakers creating fantastic delicacies like those of Desmond whose speciality is frangipani tarts. His latest creation however has vanished but of the culprit there is no sign save a trail of large blue footprints. Immediately Desmond is in hot pursuit ‘Left footprint … right footprint … dash through the snow!’ First stop is Maureen’s establishment but there’s no time to partake of her delectable doughnuts, there are footprints to follow and now two boobies are following them. They have to eschew Rod’s black forest gateau next but he’s willing to join the hunt, as are others until there are ten boobies dashing down the street on their bright red feet.

The trail stops outside a house with a small blue door, 

which is opened by a booby but not seemingly of the red-footed sort; this booby’s feet are – you’ve guessed it – bright blue. Apparently this bird consumes only vegetables of the green kind, is he telling the truth though? Desmond isn’t sure but then he notices a new clue in the form of tart crumbs so it’s now a case of look smart and follow the crumb trail all the way back in the direction they’ve come. Where though are all the other yummy, cake treats? 

Eventually the trail leads the ten to a clearing in the woods from whence there comes a tell tale sound of munching …

Maybe it’s time to apologise for jumping to false conclusions Des, and to make amends for so doing … But that’s not quite the end of this crazy tale. Cakes anybody? Or would you prefer some green veggies?

With the occasional red herring and a handful of additional objects to search for during the story, this is Biddulph at his priceless and silliest best.

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