Hope the Whale

Hope the Whale
illustrated by Laura Chamberlain
Macmillan Children’s Books

This picture book was published in collaboration with the Natural History Museum and inspired by one of its most popular exhibits.

In spring a boy watches from the cliffs near his small town home as two blue whales – one large, one small – glide through the water as they begin their journey north. The boy calls the smaller whale Hope and throughout the summer months he imagines her swimming through the blue waters, passing polar bears and icebergs.

The arrival of autumn brings Hope once again, still keeping close to her mother as they head for the warmer southern waters.

A stormy winter follows and come the spring again, there is Hope. This migratory journey goes on through the seasons for some years

until eventually, not only is there no sign of the mother whale, but one spring Hope doesn’t come either.
Older now, with hope in his heart, the boy heads out in his boat to search for her. Will he ever see her again?

Happily yes, she’s grown considerably and she’s not alone.

A final superbly coloured, fold-out spread follows the story. When opened up it reveals information about the real blue whale that gave rise to this story, along with facts about the annual migratory journey such creatures make.

With its whale watcher acting as narrator and Laura Chamberlain’s arresting illustrations, this is a book to add to home collections and primary school bookshelves.

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