I am NOT an Octopus

I Am Not an Octopus
Eoin McLaughlin and Marc Boutavant
Walker Books

As he pushes a shopping trolley loaded up with tins of tuna, eight-limbed Terry states firmly, ‘I am NOT an octopus.’ and continues to do so as he leaves the supermarket and walks to the park. Seeking to justify his pronouncement he continues that he’d be in the sea if that were the case, ‘Unless I were afraid of water (which I’m absolutely not).’

So why the panic when he finds himself showered by the sprinklers he passes?

Terry carries on talking about the potential difficulties fear of water would pose for an octopus: no meeting octopus friends and family, no outings to Super Octopus Fantasea Adventure World either. Perhaps Terry should try learning to swim: he asks readers for some advice were he to pay a visit to the swimming pool including to pee or not to pee, and he decides to take the plunge.

Then with a newly acquired skill under his trunks, there comes Terry’s big reveal. However what’s said will come as no surprise to readers.

Delectably daft, Eoin McLaughlin’s tale of facing and overcoming your fears, octopus style, is one that children will relate to while relishing its silliness: silliness made all the more engaging by Marc Boutavant’s zany scenes of the protagonist narrator and his antics.

One thought on “I am NOT an Octopus

  1. My granddaughter has become afraid of octopus in the shower/bath tub. Any chance of getting an early copy of this book somewhere?

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