I Love You, Blue

I Love You, Blue
Otter-Barry Books

A small sailor (Jonas we learn later) in a small boat is sailing on the calm ocean when suddenly it becomes anything but. As the sea rages violently ‘neath a now black sky the cry goes out, ‘Help! help! Mayday! Mayday!

Happily to the rescue comes an enormous whale, Blue by name. Later from the safety of his lighthouse, the sailor bids goodnight to his Blue, telling the creature, ‘You are the prettiest of whales.’

The following morning it’s calm once more and the sailor searches for Blue, much concerned when the creature fails to appear. Blue is down deep and far from well. Venturing inside his mouth, Jonas is shocked to find that his belly is chock full of plastic bags. The little sailor collects up all the bags

and takes them away in his boat having told the whale to breakfast on jellyfish. Their meeting the next day sees a much livelier Blue, then an affectionate boy and Blue together and on the promontory wall beneath the lighthouse are written some crucial words.

A powerful environmental message indeed and one that young children will most certainly relate to.
Barroux’s soft-coloured illustrations with simple, thin black outlined images are highly effective conveyors of the tale alongside the child protagonist’s telling.

After the story the author leaves readers a heartfelt message explaining that Blue represents every one of the different whale species in our oceans, and giving information about things that can be done to support the causes of whales and ocean pollution.

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