The Fussy Flamingo

The Fussy Flamingo
Jonnie Wild and Brita Granström
Otter-Barry Books

Fantastically funny is the latest in the Five Flamingos series from team Wild and Granström. It stars Baby and as the title says, this little bird is an exceedingly fussy creature. 

On the day we meet her she’s throwing a tantrum about all things flamingo and has decided to flounce off into the forest to find a family whose diet is more to her liking. Her first encounter is with the monkey family: they, so she’s told feast on “Big burpy bananas. ” Baby consumes two but is far from impressed with their taste or her change of hue so it’s suggested she heads off to see the fruit bats. However their berries – the ‘chewy-bluey’ variety are not to Baby’s taste either. Neither is the outcome of her consuming same.

Equally unhappy about her consultations with the giraffes 

and the anteater, Baby heads off to the river to try her luck there. Meanwhile the other flamingos are desperately seeking her whereabouts. 

When she reaches her destination, Baby meets a lip-licking crocodile to which she asks a rather dangerous question … 

Brita’s hilarious scenes heighten the drama of Jonnie’s text with its playful language and plethora of speech bubbles: together they’ve created a tasty tale of a fussy eater that youngsters will relish and if they’ve not previously met the Five Flamingos, they’ll likely want to sample others of their stories.

(The author’s royalties are to be donated to support wildlife habitat conservation in Africa.)

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