Bird’s Eye View

Bird’s Eye View
Frann Preston-Gannon
Templar Books

Little Bird is curious about what lies beyond the treetops wherein she nests with her mother. Mama tells her that beyond the forest live people though she knows not what people actually are other than that her own mother has told her to avoid them. However, once her wings are sufficiently strong, Little Bird tells her Mama that she’s ready to leave the nest and see the world. Off she flies enjoying the freedom as she observes the world from above and it’s not long before she spies what she thinks must be people.

As she flies further, Little Bird becomes increasingly confused: some people are quiet and slow, others frantically hurrying around. There are happy, colourful people sharing what they have and singing lovely songs.

But then she sees something that leads her to believe that not everybody values freedom, they put birds in cages, spoil the environment with rubbish and burning fossil fuels. Other people in contrast are cleaning up the mess.
Her journey takes her over land and sea until eventually Little Bird needs to pause for rest; that’s when she has a narrow escape.

Now hurt and doubting whether she’ll ever see her mama again, Little Bird feels gentle hands. Hands that rescue and nurture her until she’s strong enough to take flight once again.

Finally back home, Little Bird has much to tell her Mama, the most important relating to acts of kindness.

Cleverly using a bird’s eye view, Frann weaves powerful themes relating to the impact humans have on the world into both her verbal and her visual storytelling. There are ‘people on the move. “Migrating like birds”,

black smoke billowing into the sky and those who share whatever they can, all acting as powerful reminders of the importance of having a sense of responsibility and showing kindness. Therein ultimately lies freedom.

Share this beautiful story at home with little humans especially those just starting to spread their wings; share it in the classroom as an inspiration to help make the world a better place.

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