You Are Loved

You Are Loved
Margaret O’Hair, Sofia Sanchez and Sofia Cardoso

There are many ways to be a family; none is absolutely perfect but love is the vital element in every family. That message comes through loud and clear in this book, which was inspired by Sofia Sanchez whose parents, a father from Mexico and a mother from California, adopted her as a baby from an orphanage in Ukraine.

Really families are more than just those you see every day, or those related to you, perhaps you consider close friends, teachers and neighbours as part of your family too; they are certainly important.

Whether you are born into a family, chosen by your family or your family is chosen by you, its members will be special to you. They will make you feel special too and ‘strong’; they’ll tell you ‘You are enough’ and most crucially, ‘You are loved.’

Each family is different and that message is extended in Sofia Cardoso’s illustrations of diverse families, some of which are interracial..

Look closely at her scenes and you may notice some characters in more than one of them.
The book closes with a note from the mother of Sofia Sanchez.

An excellent choice for inclusion in a KS1 classroom collection.

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