When Things Aren’t Going Right, Go Left

When Things Aren’t Going Right, Go Left
Marc Colagiovanni and Peter H. Reynolds

The boy protagonist in this book discovers a simple procedure for lightening the heavy weight of worries, frustrations, doubts and fears he carries around with him.

It begins thus: ‘One day, for no particular reason, nothing was going right. Absolutely, positivelyNOTHING was going right. So I decided to go left.’ We see him putting down one of the heavy pieces of luggage – his large box – and walking on without it. He continues in similar vein, leaving behind a huge sack: thus he has dropped his weighty worries (little red monsters) and doubts (hairy green beasties).

On reaching the bottom of the high diving board, the boy deposits his suitcase of orange creatures, and attempts the dive but it’s not a great success. However the lad decides to leave his backpack of frustrations on the ground, its creatures yelling, “You can’t do it!’ and has another go at the dive.

Hurrah! A perfect entry this time. Suddenly a realisation dawns: the more left he goes, the more right he feels; in fact he continues going left and pretty soon, everything is going right. Now what remains as he has a quick look at the ground, are much, much smaller nasties, shrunken so it’s easy for him to pick them up again and continue, safe in the knowledge that they just need him to keep an eye on them.

An uplifting very positive message, imparted in a somewhat light-hearted manner through lawyer/author Marc Colagiovanni’s words and Peter H. Reynolds instantly recognisable illustrations, that encourages readers/listeners to drop the baggage when things are going badly in life.

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