My Mummy Marches

My Mummy Marches
Samantha Hawkins and Cory Reid

The little girl herein talks about her mum and the various causes she marches for including protecting the environment and social justice. Crucially though she marches to fix the world’s problems, to say things that need saying and to remind people how to love. She marches no matter the season or the weather; she marches with lots of other people all supporting the same cause, but sometimes she’ll even march alone.

On occasion she feels sad, tears well up and then she marches quietly. She never stops marching however, just like her own mummy and grandmother did when they marched for equal rights and a better way of life.

With such a powerful advocate for social justice,

what does the little girl herself think? She’s clearly proud of her mother, telling readers, ‘She marches like the beat of a terrific, giant drum. She marches ferocious and tall, like lightning burning across the open sky … She marches proud and passionate with her face lit up in the biggest smile.’ It’s evident that our young narrator intends to follow in her mother’s footsteps – she’s already learning to march, we’re told: “I will march for freedom, for kindness and for love.’

In her straightforward narrative, Samantha Hawkins makes effective use of simile and metaphor as she presents her empowering theme and it is made even more compelling by Cory Reid’s dramatic, inclusive illustrations. A book that one hopes will galvanise young readers and listeners to stand up and march to make the world a kinder place for everyone.

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