Art and Joy: Best Friends Forever

Art and Joy: Best Friends Forever
Danielle Krysa

Meet best friends, Art and Joy. These two love creating things together, all kinds of things and they do so with minimal resources. From paper, a few pink crayons and a roll of tape they made Gumballio, a brand new planet; boxes were fashioned into a funky parade and their homes for magical creatures were desired by all the town’s fairies, though some had particular colour requirements.

Everything is going swingingly until one day, the Art Bully criticises their latest endeavour. Art in particular is affected by the negativity: no matter what the friends work on, despite Joy’s delight in their creations, the insidious Art Bully continues to hover nearby ready to pour scorn upon their work.

Art is bemused that Joy appears to be untroubled by that bullying voice and with Art Bully’s words always there, becomes more and more miserable. Now Art refuses to make anything unless it’s ‘serious, normal, tidy, and right’.

Will Art ever be able to get the better of that self-critical voice and rediscover the delights of creative expression? Happily yes, thanks to some time spent in the great outdoors.

This book’s creator really understands that many children, especially as they get older, are beset by their own inner critic that finds fault with their artistic endeavours. Her playfully humorous collage illustrations, wise words, and clever use of typography will surely help youngsters to overcome their own Art Bullies and find joy in both the creative process and product.

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