Tell Me a Lion Story

Tell Me a Lion Story
Kara Kramer
Walker Books

Gently opening one of his eyes, a little girl wakes her snoozing dad and demands he tells her a story – not one of the familiar ‘Once upon a time’ kind but a NEW story about a lion. However it matters not what dad says or how exciting it sounds, the little girl isn’t happy with what’s said: the lion need not be bigger than the sofa, nor smaller than a button 

and that ‘not-so-big-not-so-little lion’ is definitely not called Fred. 

Somewhat nonplussed by his daughter’s constant naysaying Dad suggests they compose the story together with him providing the structural elements and the girl filling in the gaps with details of her choosing (this is where the reader of the book comes in with their own ideas.) Where the lion lives ‘The buildings are made of ——-, gardens that grow singing ——— , shops that sell ———-, and fountains filled with delicious ————- .’ The lion invents a flying ———- . ‘ ROAR! Off he flies into space

destination an unknown planet that he names ———– and sets out to explore.
Inevitably all this is tiring work and eventually the hero returns home, dons his pyjamas and thus the book turns into a bedtime tale. Y-A-W-N.

Kara Kramer’s mixed media illustrations are huge fun and observant readers/listeners will notice details such as the headlines on Dad’s newspaper and that his daughter’s toy lion morphs into the protagonist of the story they co-create. Hugely (dare I say it without fear of interruption from a little girl) imaginative and full of interactive possibilities: a great book to share with one child, several or perhaps even a class.

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