Rainbow Hands

Rainbow Hands
Mamta Nainy and Jo-Loring-Fisher
Lantana Publishing

The small boy narrator of this book finds things to enjoy and appreciate no matter the time of day but his very favourite time is ‘painting-my-nails-time’. And to do that painting he uses the numerous different shades in his mother’s collection of ‘magical bottles’. Purple for instance is perfect for when he wakes from a dream of fairies in distant magical places; it’s the colour to represent mystery. White however is for life’s infinite possibilities; bright yellow is just right for bees on the garden sunflowers – that’s sun’s colour. A swirling blue is the hue for days when both sea and sky look similarly rolling, whereas the best match for mucky afternoons spent exploring in the dirt, is mossy green to match the mess.

Sometimes the boy’s Papa questions his preference for painting nails rather than paper and his response is very revealing.

His grandpa makes the boy feel soft and sweet when he gives him words of encouragement and on those occasions it’s pink nail paint that is chosen. However there are occasions when no one colour can represent all the feelings of happiness, sadness, anger and dreaminess: those are days to catch a rainbow and to make use of every single one of those marvellous bottles.

An elevating story that celebrates individuality, one’s essential nature, personal integrity and mindfulness. Like the boy protagonist, children need to be given time, time to breathe in the beauty of Jo Loring-Fisher’s mixed media illustrations on every spread.

I wonder what colour(s) you would choose to paint your nails today?

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