Today Will Be A Great Day!

Today Will Be A Great Day!
Slimy Oddity
Wide Eyed Editions

Subtitled Slimy Oddity’s Guide to Happiness, the red blobby creature of the title takes readers on a colourful, fun journey towards mindful happiness. ‘Happiness comes from within, and it is in each and every moment of your life.’ we read on the first page. That is what Slimy (from Instagram collective Slimy Oddity) intends will become so for everyone. “Happiness is being in complete harmony with what is.” is the first of his 30 plus life lessons presented in this small format book of uplifting, useful, timeless advice to help those who travel along with him find happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

Assuredly among these seemingly simple, yet often profound messages, there is something for everyone, and each affirmation or nugget of wisdom is evoked by a bright, uplifting illustration. I especially liked seeing some of the Dalai Lama’s wisdom presented.

This is not a journey to be hurried; rather the reader needs to let the unlikely guru, Slimy, gently and slowly act as guide walking beside us on the path to well-being. It might even be that you take just one of the spreads every day and let Slimy’s words and actions become your focus (or even that of members of your class at school).

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