Stick Boy and the Rise of the Robots

Stick Boy and the Rise of the Robots
Paul Coomey
Little Tiger

Strange things are again happening in Little Town and it’s all on account of the super new gadget given to all residents by Baron Ben. Called the HeadBox, it is according to the Baron, “a marvel of modern technology.”

Within a couple of days everybody is plugged in to their amazing techno thrills, or rather everybody except Stick Boy and that’s because the HeadBox just won’t fit over his different shaped head. So that ‘one size fits all’ claim. isn’t one hundred per cent accurate. In addition, the megalomaniac has been elected Mayor of the town, electronically of course.

Now, feeling isolated both in class and at home, the already suspicious Stick Boy gets on the case. His investigations soon see him discovering a secret underground tunnel that leads him to a cavern full of robots. Looks like a take over of the town is indicated.

However, Stick’s pals Ekam, Milo and Nick are so busy playing Battle Racers that it looks like he’s going to have to go it alone.

Then unexpectedly he comes upon somebody who shares his passion for hot chocolate and biscuits.
Can she help Stick persuade the other Mystery Mates to set aside those techno games and join them in saving their home town?

One final consideration: when is a secret library not a secret library? To discover the answer, get hold of a copy of the book.

Existing Stick Boy enthusiasts will wholeheartedly welcome his return and he and his friends should win lots more followers with this latest episode.

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