Stick Boy and the Rise of the Robots

Stick Boy and the Rise of the Robots
Paul Coomey
Little Tiger

Strange things are again happening in Little Town and it’s all on account of the super new gadget given to all residents by Baron Ben. Called the HeadBox, it is according to the Baron, “a marvel of modern technology.”

Within a couple of days everybody is plugged in to their amazing techno thrills, or rather everybody except Stick Boy and that’s because the HeadBox just won’t fit over his different shaped head. So that ‘one size fits all’ claim. isn’t one hundred per cent accurate. In addition, the megalomaniac has been elected Mayor of the town, electronically of course.

Now, feeling isolated both in class and at home, the already suspicious Stick Boy gets on the case. His investigations soon see him discovering a secret underground tunnel that leads him to a cavern full of robots. Looks like a take over of the town is indicated.

However, Stick’s pals Ekam, Milo and Nick are so busy playing Battle Racers that it looks like he’s going to have to go it alone.

Then unexpectedly he comes upon somebody who shares his passion for hot chocolate and biscuits.
Can she help Stick persuade the other Mystery Mates to set aside those techno games and join them in saving their home town?

One final consideration: when is a secret library not a secret library? To discover the answer, get hold of a copy of the book.

Existing Stick Boy enthusiasts will wholeheartedly welcome his return and he and his friends should win lots more followers with this latest episode.

Stick Boy

Stick Boy
Paul Coomey
Little Tiger

Being different is never easy, ditto starting at a new school; but when Stick Boy moved to a new town, he’d hoped that with yet another fresh start, he’d left old problems behind. Seemingly not, for on the opening pages of Paul Coomey’s story we discover the titular character being pursued on only his second day, by the second biggest bully in the entire school, Sam Devine.

Things are not looking good especially when he then meets Gretchen, another bully. The two of them taunt Stick Boy, get hold of the contents of his pockets and proceed to hurl them over a high wall, recording their nastiness to upload onto ‘Vidwire’.

Along comes Ekam and the two boys introduce themselves to one another. and Stick then demonstrates his locker-opening skill before the bell rings summoning everyone to assembly. There the headteacher announces that the opening of the new Baron Ben’s Bargain Bins Magnificent Mega Mall on Saturday will be celebrated with a concert.

Stick’s first lesson is science with Mr Jansari

where Stick meets another friendly face, Milo and discovers that everyone is excited about the prospect of a pupil from the school being chosen to sing at the Friday Factor. Things are looking up for Stick, but not for long as in double ICT, Miss Bird has it in for the newcomer from the outset.
Stick survives the day and then back home learns that his dad has bought a brand new TV from Baron Ben’s Bargain Bins that comes with a free HomeBot – uh-oh!.
Right away the thing starts behaving weirdly.

The following day Stick is late for school and overhears Miss Bird speaking on her mobile and acting scared. Later the two bully girls forced him into unlocking Mr Jansari’s classroom door

and the act is recorded on Gretchen’s mobile.
From then on things just keep on getting worse and Miss Bird definitely appears to be up to something. Could there be s a connection between those Homebots with their increasingly strange behaviour

and the Mega Mall opening?

This fast-paced mystery story about coping with bullies while being two dimensional in a three dimensional, world fizzes with excitement, and the kind of humour – both visual and verbal – that should go down well with older primary readers.