Frank and Bert

Frank and Bert
Chris Naylor-Ballesteros
Nosy Crow

What is more important to you: is it being a winner or being a really good friend? That question is explored in Chris Naylor-Ballesteros’s new story starring bear Bert and Frank, a fox who acts as narrator.

Their favourite game is hide-and-seek in which Bert is sure he’s an ace hider and loves to do so. The trouble is the bulky bear is far from an expert and inevitably Frank finds him easily every time, which Bert puts down to not being given sufficient time to stow himself away.

So, instead of the usual count of ten, Frank decides to give Bert a hundred before he starts to search.

Can he now find the perfect place to hide?

The crazy comic capers of the adorable duo are brilliantly highlighted by their day-glo bright garments be they in their appropriate places or gradually becoming unravelled across the lumpy, bumpy landscape.

Hugely entertaining yes, but with a moral dilemma at its heart. It’s great for sharing with a class, group or individual, though equally, the simplicity of the language makes it a rewarding story for learner readers too. An absolute gem of a book in every way.

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