Dogs in Disguise

Dogs in Disguise
Peter Bently and John Bond
Harper Collins Children’s Books

In a hilarious, bouncy rhyming text, Peter Bently introduces a veritable virtuoso performance by ingenious canines. Each successfully infiltrates some kind of humans’ place disguised in garments garish, gaudy, smart, stylish, sporty, trendy, minimal, or sometimes just plain silly and even, if unpractised in the art of deception, terrible. Clad in gear ‘borrowed’ from their places of residence, they wander the streets, strutting their stuff, then stroll into shops – we see them – that ‘pair of OLD SCHNAUZERS’ ‘there, in PINK TROUSERS …’ ; while others gain admittance to seriously cool cafes like this one

Others with a sporty inclination cleverly compete in jujitsu – that’s CHARLENE the SHIH-TZU, or splash around in the swimming pool. We view one trying its paws at a tonsorial establishment, whereas that Frenchie family might simultaneously be gorging themselves on goodies at the theatre.

Now all of this requires training from an early age; but if like Barney one tries to be just a tad too clever, there’s the danger of embarrassing moments down at the park.

With their bright blocks of colour and superbly expressive eyes, John Bond’s illustrations are the perfect match for Peter’s wacky words.

Perfect for pooch lovers, fashionistas and anybody who likes a good giggle.

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