Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home Is Where The Heart Is
Jonny Lambert
Little Tiger

What does it mean to really belong somewhere: that is what is explored in Jonny Lambert’s new picture book.

When Bear wanders into the old wild wood, he decides it’s where he wants to build himself a new home and so he does. There’s plenty of room inside and he adorns it with lovely things (those familiar with Jonny’s books will likely recognise Saffi’s portrait on the shelf); but something is missing. Feeling lonely Bear decides to pay his neighbour a visit and is immediately welcomed into Hare’s small, cramped home.

Despite being complete opposites in many ways the two absolutely love spending their days together outdoors. Spring, summer

and autumn pass in happy companionship, but come the winter, Hare takes to his bed with a nasty chill. Bear takes good care of him till his friend is back on his feet.

When a fierce storm comes crashing through the woods, Bear’s home is completely destroyed. Where can he go? He feels devastated but not for long thanks to Hare who welcomes his friend in with open paws. “From now until forever, my home is your home,” he says.

Now however, their friendship is really put to the test … Will it survive Bear’s clumsiness and Hare’s constant messiness?

The title says it all …

Jonny Lambert portrays so well the emotions of Bear and Hare: the warm glow of friendship illuminates almost every one of the elegant, textured scenes; his capturing of the storms, both meteorological and emotional are equally powerful too. And as always, the balance between text and illustrations is as harmonious as ever.

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