The Everyday Autism Handbook for Schools

The Everyday Autism Handbook for Schools
Claire Droney and Annelies Verbiest
Jessica Kingsley Publishers

The authors of this excellent book draw on almost forty years experience of working with neurodiverse pupils in a variety of settings. Linking theory and practice it’s a must-have, extremely readable resource for all teachers and others working with children with autism, in both mainstream primary and special schools.

Within in the six main sections or themes there are over sixty ‘guides’, encompassing associated practical activities, techniques and case studies; all anchored in evidence-based practice.

The first part comprises two important short guides on understanding autism – a kind of ‘what you need to know’ and it was especially good to find the authors stressing the importance of a focus on children’s strengths and on using positive language at all times.

It’s crucial to develop an inclusive and collaborative whole school community and this is covered in the next two sections.

Most importantly, by following the guidance herein, practitioners are likely to be able to guide the children they work with towards reaching their full potential. Whether you are looking for help on lesson plans, communicating with parents, or strategies to help youngsters cope with anxiety or stress, you’ll find it and much, much more herein.

I’d like to think that every primary teacher could find the time to read right through this book but I suspect that particularly during the current covid times which are causing increased stress to pretty much every member of a school’s staff, that’s unlikely to happen. However this is a book that works as a ‘dip in and out’ read too, and equally could also form the basis of a series of staff inset sessions.
How ever you decide to use it, if you are responsible for buying books for your primary school staff, then put this one at the top of your list for 2022.

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