Goodnight Toucan

Goodnight Toucan
Joanne Partis
Little Tiger

Joanna Partis’s Toucan protagonist plans a jungle sleepover inviting his friends Tiger, Sloth, Frog, and Monkey; but he’s a perfectionist so at the last minute he has a crisis of confidence. The food he thinks, is insufficiently tasty and the bedding not snuggly enough,

so off he goes in search of items to make his party go swingingly: “the best sleepover ever!’ as his pals have declared it will be.

He fills his beak with fabulous flower decorations, then finds fluffy ferns for bedding and bananas for a yummy feast – hmm! As he flies back he spies fireflies that he decides will provide must-have, mood creating fairy lights. Swooping to collect them proves disastrous and Toucan dives headlong into the river below so it’s a distraught host that finally returns to the sleepover venue to own up to his failure. Fortunately though, the reactions of his friends reassure him that everything is, after all, just as it should be: friendship reigns supreme.

Assuredly this is a book that will resonate with youngsters who struggle with the impossible task of being perfect at all times. Joanne’s vibrant illustrations speak volumes about feelings providing a starting point for discussions about the importance of friends and of making mistakes.

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