Mr Tiger

Mr Tiger
Davide Cali and Miguel Tanco
Tate Publishing

With his world-famous moves – the head smash, the pain-in-the-neck clutch, fatal hug and his trademark Leap of the Tiger – wrestler, Mr Tiger is the strongest in the world.
He’s defeated Blackclaw (his greatest rival), Boogeyman, Constrictor and Blob, all formidable opponents in the ring.

Out of the ring however, it’s an entirely different matter. Mr T. is enormously shy and entirely lacking in friends other than his canine pal, Fifi.

Of late though, Mr Tiger has become enamoured with Lily but on account of his extreme reserve, he just can’t summon the courage to speak to her; even his rivals have noticed he seems a tad less fearsome than usual.

As he sits pondering his plight and considering how he might make some sort of approach, a certain fluffy friend makes a move. 

Could that lead to our masked wrestler making the most gigantic leap of his entire life …

Inspired by the Mexican sport/art form lucha libre, this entertaining book with Miguel Tanco’s quirky illustrations and Davide Cali’s reporter style text will go down especially well with those who like something out of the ordinary when it comes to picture books.

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