Secret Lives of Dragons

Secret Lives of Dragons
Prof Zoya Agnis and Alexander Utkin
Flying Eye Books

Long, long ago deep in the mountains there was a flourishing dragon kingdom. So says Prof Zoya Agnis, international expert and life-long studier of Drackenosophy, aka Sangma Francis, the author of this book.

Dragons have apparently existed on this earth for ‘as long as human memory’ and probably a lot longer but what has happened to the creatures that once guarded priceless treasures and sent their voices forth on the wind? Are there any still around and if so how would anybody know if they were to encounter one? Let alone know what to do under such circumstances.

This manual offers the answers along with a host of fascinating information about such topics as how dragons evolved; what are the key anatomical features common to all six of the dragon families; how they breathe fire and what makes it change colour; how do the creatures fly and what are the stages in a dragon’s life-cycle? All this is discussed in the first of four parts, each being dramatically illustrated by Alexander Utkin.

The second part explores the six main dragon families (or species) from the most secretive sort to the rarest; there’s even an aquatic family, pretty terrifying and some have a multitude of heads.

The prof. claims to have had recent sightings of four different kinds.

Part three charts dragon history and introduces some of the most famous dragons of myths and legends from various parts of the world; we also meet some celebrated dragon slayers of yore, pay a visit to a lair and see a hoard of treasure. Maybe you’re interested in languages, if so, there are a few riddles and half a dozen easy dragon phrases.

Finally, and particularly if the first three sections have whetted your appetite, the final part takes us to the World School of Dragons to learn what is entailed in becoming a drackenosophist. (You can guess who heads up that establishment.)

Of course the entire thing is a work of fiction but enormous fun, so cleverly written and show-stoppingly illustrated throughout.

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