The Pirate Mums

The Pirate Mums
Jodie Lancet-Grant and Lydia Corry
Oxford Children’s Books

Arrr! me’arties, here’s a rousing tale of derring do that takes place on a school trip with a difference.

Billy isn’t overly keen when he learns that his mums have volunteered to join Mr Smart’s class on their seaside trip. His mums however can’t wait and despite their son’s best efforts to put them off, come the morning of the outing, they’re up with the lark (rather the parrot), raring to go and there’s no stopping them.

At the coast, Billy leaves them and joins his pals right away and then it’s ‘anchors away’ and off they sail.

All of a sudden Mama is alert to the black clouds the boat is heading straight towards but her attempts to inform Mr Smart come to nothing: he’s too busy throwing up. As the storm worsens a bolt of lightning does for the main mast and panic ensues among the children.

With Captain Fishface stuck in the loo …

it’s time for Billy’s mums to take charge and pretty soon with some sacrifices of the children’s clothing, expert knotting from the pirate mums and a few deft moves from Birdbrain, there’s a new sail ready to catch the wind. But still the boat remains stuck.

Never fear, the pirate mums are here and along with plenty of willing assistants they soon have the craft heading for harbour.

Could it be time for Billy to have a change of heart about wanting to be part of an ‘ordinary’ family?

What a smashing read aloud: told with a spirited text from debut picture book author Jodie Lancet-Grant and suitably dramatic illustrations by Lydia Corry, this is a splendid, open-hearted celebration of difference and families with same sex parents.

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