A Cat About Town

A Cat About Town
Lèa Decan
Tate Publishing

‘A cat about town’ the feline narrator of this book, surely is. Owned by Lisa, the moggy is seldom at home (one day a week to be precise); the rest of the time there’s a busy schedule in operation.

Mondays are taken up by visiting writer and intellectual, Sebastian; Tuesdays are spent downstairs mainly on Mina’s balcony crammed with plants that look and smell amazing.

Come Wednesday on the dot of twelve noon, it’s a trip to Granny Yvonne whose granddaughter visits for lunch – and it’s truly delicious, not to mention, filling.

Thursdays are for artist Maud and a bit of culture, albeit in rather messy surroundings. Apparently our narrator is the favourite subject of this famous creative woman.
Musicians of the local string quartet gather on Fridays so it’s culture of a different kind on that day and our feline visitor has the most comfortable seat in the house.

On Saturdays it’s a case of a double date: Amélie receives a visit from her boyfriend; and the narrator meets the elegant Capucine with her alluring eyes and the two cats take a wander through the city streets.

Sunday though is home and Lisa’s day; it’s she after all’s said and done, who ‘takes care of me’.

Cat lovers especially, will relish this playful, first-feline narration and the alluring, gorgeously colourful scenes of the abodes in which Lisa’s cat spends most of his days. What about the nights, one wonders …

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