Move, Mr Mountain!

Move, Mr Mountain!
Francesca Sanna
Templar Publishing

Mr Mountain has seen and heard much in his long lifetime and now feels that nothing can disturb him. But he’s reckoned without one very determined, angry-looking little girl Lily who stands before him shouting “Can you move, please?” at the top of her voice. She goes on to explain the reason for her rudely delivered request but the somewhat confused Mr Mountain responds by losing his long-held patience and causing a huge thundery rainstorm. This does little if nothing to dampen Lily’s determination to get the massive obstacle to shift its ground and she reissues her order albeit rather more politely.
With mounting temper, Mr Mountain sends forth an icy wind that serves only to add to the girl’s enjoyment of the changing elements, as does the ensuing snow storm.

Seeing that this young miss means business, the exhausted Mr Mountain decides that a different approach is needed. Scooping Lily up in his huge rocky hand, he places her atop his head. Suddenly she finds herself gazing at the most incredible view that’s beyond even her imagination.

Now instead of enmity, girl and mountain share many peaceful hours contemplating the distant sights and dreaming of visiting far away places.

The following day, aided by Mr Mountain, Lily starts learning how to climb, returning day after day to improve her skill until finally she no longer visits her friend.

Missing the girl, Mr Mountain becomes more and more sad, which is reflected in the weather, until many months later he hears a familiar voice calling to him one morning. Joy of joys, Lily has returned

and what wonderful stories and photos of her travels she has to share. Something she continues to do each time she returns from another journey, thus enabling Mr Mountain to see the rest of the world and what it has to offer.

Hugely uplifting (pardon the pun), this story of an unlikely friendship demonstrates the importance of showing consideration for others. Dramatically illustrated by the author, with every spread superbly composed (I absolutely love her gorgeous colour palette), this is another winning book from Francesca Sanna.

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