Do Animals Fall in Love?

Do Animals Fall in Love?
Katharina von der Gathen and Anke Kuhl
Gecko Press

Katharina von der Gathen is a German sex-educator; her writing style is direct, packed with intriguing detail and infused with humour. This humour is reflected throughout in Anke Kuhl’s amusing cartoonish illustrations.
The author divides this book on animal reproduction into three main parts – courting (The Art of Seduction), Mating

and The Babies Arrive; but within each are lots of sub-divisions. For instance within seduction we find flashy appearance, dances, smells to attract, songs and physical fighting (sometimes head to head).

Choosing examples from a wide variety of creatures – vertebrate and invertebrate – Katharina von der Gathen uses biological terminology throughout her descriptions (normally one or two paragraphs) of the various activities while also maintaining a chatty tone.

For example, a male cabbage white butterfly ‘seems intent on being, and remaining, the only partner for his mate. The others can push off! So during mating, he sprays the female with a very special perfume. From then on, she is no longer attractive to other males. To them, for some reason, she stinks!’

At one time or many, children will ask ‘how do animals do it?’ questions. This book provides fascinating answers while taking readers on a journey through the incredible animal kingdom in so doing. It’s definitely one to add to book collections be that at home, public library or school. (Children at the younger end of the intended readership may need some further explanations)

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