The Little Things: A Story About Acts of Kindness

The Little Things: A Story About Acts of Kindness
Christian Trimmer and Kayla Juanita

Here’s a sweet story showing how small acts of kindness can cumulatively create a large impact on an entire community.

It all begins with a spirited little girl (who prefers the look of three pigtails to two) walking onto the beach after a terrible storm has washed up thousands of starfish. She carefully picks them up one after another and puts them back in the sea. As she does so she’s approached by a man who asks, “What’s the point? You won’t be able to save them all.”

Acknowledging this, her next action triggers the old man to do likewise and this small act of kindness sets in motion a chain reaction.

The man takes his grandson along to the animal rescue centre where he adopts a dog; the boy later goes to help his neighbour clean up the mess the storm has created in her garden and so on. Each small act not only triggers another but its effect on each individual’s mood is transformational, and kindness spreads throughout the entire neighbourhood.

Not long after, another storm blows through that town: the little girl returns to the beach: can you guess what she discovers there…

Kaylani Juanita’s portrayal of the diverse cast of characters is superb: each person’s identity is celebrated through her attention to detail in every scene she’s created for this uplifting tale.

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