The Mystery of the Golden Pyramid / Wide Awake Wolf

The Mystery of the Golden Pyramid
Adela Norean and Aaron Cushley
Little Tiger

When Sophie moves into a new house, the last thing she expects to find sitting in her bedroom is a talking dog. The creature introduces himself as Ari and tells her that within the casket before her is the first piece of a puzzle that only she can solve. She also learns that she’s the descendant of one of the pharaohs.

That’s the start of a magical mystery adventure that takes Sophie and readers back in time on an exciting quest to search for stolen treasures belonging to King Nebra.

There are flaps to lift and die-cuts to peep through as Sophie, accompanied by Ari travel over land and sea and across the desert to an ancient temple,

a palace and thence, once they have three of the four missing items, to the golden pyramid.
Can they find the last amulet and bring peace to their true owner?

With Adela Norean’s exciting action-packed narrative, the wealth of interactive features and Aaron Cushley’s richly detailed illustrations, this is a highly engaging read; and, if Ancient Egypt happens to be on the curriculum for your early KS2 class, this is a fun book to share with them.

Wide Awake Wolf
Georgiana Deutsch and Megan Tadden
Little Tiger

Suffering from insomnia and having tried all the usual remedies, Wolf decides that sleep is hiding somewhere in the forest and sets out to find it. His loud cries arouse slumbering Badger who joins the search as does lullaby singing Hedgehog.

After having no success, they decide to seek out Owl. As they near her tree, Wolf makes a suggestion as to where sleep might be hiding, but the three only succeed in upsetting Rabbit with a sneeze-inducing tickle on the nose.

Having finally located the branch bearing the wise one, they learn that sleep is not something to be found; rather it finds you under the right circumstances.

Happily, Owl knows just the right way to provide those … zzzzzz

A gently humorous, comforting bedtime read to share with little ones who will enjoy pointing out the similarity between the book being read to them and that shown in Megan Tadden’s penultimate moonlit scene.

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