Upside Down Friday / The Art of Words

Upside Down Friday
Lana Spasevski and Nicky Johnston
EK Books

Unlike his mum little Hugo monkey hates Fridays. That’s the day when his usual routine changes. Consequently he walks to school with a sad face, butterflies in his tummy and a rapidly beating heart as he anticipates spending his time doing sport. 

On this particular Friday though things turn out a whole lot better that expected thanks to Maddison who announces that she’s Hugo’s buddy for the day. She goes on to give him a bright red balloon 

and tell him that just like Hugo she didn’t like Upside Down Fridays and later she reassures him that ‘after a while, it will feel the right way up.” And those kind words make all the difference … 

A sweet story for the very young about the power of friendship.

The Art of Words
Robert Vescio and Joanna Bartel
EK Books

Author Robert Vescio and illustrator Joanna Bartel present an exploration of the playful possibilities of words and their power to generate a variety of emotions, feelings and ideas. 

We see two children (accompanied by a dog) reading, relaxing, climbing, gardening and much more as they snip, 

squash, expand and collect words, weaving them together (along with some punctuation), and creating stories to bring magic, joy and excitement.

The art is a delight and a wonderfully imagined presentation of the author’s engaging narrative.

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