5 Minute Really True Stories for Bedtime

5 Minute Really True Stories for Bedtime
Sally Symes, Jackie McCann, Jen Arena, Rachel Valentine & various illustrators
Britannica Books

This is an unusual take on bedtime reading: an assortment of thirty narrative non-fiction stories each one with a bedtime connection.
From a hospital visit to see what happens in an accident and emergency department, the maternity ward and other parts where people are busy at work, to hibernation (the winter sleep of ladybirds, a queen bee and North American painted turtles are described).

We’re introduced to Sleeping Champions – including a group of Brownies who got into the Guinness World Records book, a little brown bat that sleeps for almost 20 hours a day and elephants that only grab two hours of shut-eye;

and Gherman Titov, the first person to sleep (and puke) in space – fascinating!

Or you might choose to do a spot of Stargazing like the Italian scientist Galileo who made his own telescope to look at the night sky and who by discovering that Earth revolves around the Sun, also changed our understanding of Earth’s place in the universe.

Then there are star stories and Moon Mysteries to enjoy

and lots more.

The writing style of the various authors is chatty and engaging, and reads aloud well, while the illustrations are alluring – well maybe not that of the goliath bird-eating tarantula, which is downright alarming and in stark contrast to that of the jerboa – with its huge ears that looks like a creature I’d be happy to meet.

It’s said that just before sleep is a good time to internalise new learning so why not try sharing a non-fiction story from this intriguing book.

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