Now Wash Your Hands!

Now Wash Your Hands!
Matt Carr

Hand washing was never more important than now during the current COVID-19 crisis and here’s a timely picture book from author/illustrator Matt Carr showing young children the vital importance of keeping their hands super-clean and hopefully free of those invisible nasties aka germs.

This crucial message is delivered in Mrs Moo’s class by a very important visitor, Doctorpus Doris, who talks to the pupils about the vast numbers of ‘TEENY WEENY germs’

and what they can do to send those nasty beasties packing.

The good news is that the way to do it is something as simple as washing their hands thoroughly. Doris gives several examples of times when this is especially a must-do activity. For instance after visiting a farm, working in the garden, using the loo

and before having lunch as they all do after her talk. For Doc. Doris this germ-extermination is, of course, a rather protracted process.

With his light touch, bouncy rhyming narrative that includes a song and funky bright illustrations,

Matt delivers what all foundation stage teachers and early years staff will be constantly reminding youngsters to do, ‘NOW WASH YOUR HANDS!’.

To that end this book will be an absolute boon – a must have. (for every copy sold 50p will be donated to NHS charities Together COVID-19 Urgent Appeal). Perhaps our government could add to their list of things to do: buy a copy for every school/nursery to share. Maybe I should tweet the PM and await his response …

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