Don’t Worry, Little Crab

Don’t Worry, Little Crab
Chris Haughton
Walker Books

Chris Haughton takes the familiar topic of first time fears and finding the courage to overcome them and in his signature style arresting, minimalist graphics and a present tense narrative, conjures an original decapod spin.

Little Crab and Big Crab live together in a small rockpool and today’s the day Little Crab takes his very first swim in the big ocean. They set off together making their way over the rocks, tip-clawing across shallow pools and squelching through slimy seaweed, Little Crab full of eager anticipation until …

Perhaps this isn’t quite such a good idea after all, he thinks as despite Big Crab’s reassurance and encouragement, a rather large wave approaches. Then comes an even bigger one followed by a much, much bigger one.

Big Crab continues to cajole his companion and all the while ever more fierce-looking waves wash up.

Inching closer and closer the tiny creature eventually dips his claws beneath the sea

but still those waves come, one so gigantic it WHOOSHES the two of them right away from any land.

Down into the depths they go discovering together a truly wonderful new place and what’s more, it’s full of friendly creatures ready to introduce them to some exciting new experiences.

Chris’s vibrant, seemingly simple illustrations convey SO much about Little Crab’s feelings showing how in his case, less is most definitely more.

This is an ideal book for little ones taking their first steps towards independence be that starting nursery or school, learning to swim, joining a new club or whatever.

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