Hayley Barrett and Juana Martinez-Neal
Walker Books

A new baby has just been born and the two new parents spend their first days after their baby’s arrival on their ‘babymoon’.

During this precious time they experience tender moments, ‘A sweet, secluded afternoon – / this restful time, our babymoon’; joyful ones, ‘ A tender dance of give-and-take. / We share a tiny birth day cake.’

and occasionally, anxious ones – ‘Here together. So much to learn. / We muddle through each new concern.’

From the opening alliterative line, ‘The house is hushed. The lights are low.’, readers are enfolded in Hayley Barratt’s gentle rhyming narrative of moments to savour, moments shared not only with parents and child but the family dog and cat are also included in the building of that loving bond.

The sense of serenity is reflected in Juana Martinez-Neal’s breathtakingly beautiful illustrations, which show the warm loving involvement of both parents.

This is a gorgeous book to give to new parents especially perhaps, to encourage them to savour the precious ‘babymoon’ time (the word was coined by the late anthropologist Shelia Kitzinger to do just that.) I absolutely love that the parents are shown sharing stories right from the start of their baby’s life.

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