Daisy and Bear

Daisy and Bear
Fabi Santiago

Take your seats alongside Bear and his human friend Daisy as they pay a visit to the cinema for a Sunday afternoon treat. The perfect place to go for a first experience of soft comfy seats, big velvet curtains and yummy warm popcorn, you might think.

Potentially yes, but however comfy the seats appear, it’s important to remember to pay a visit to the loo before the film starts.

And creating lots of noise during the performance is also a big no, no, be that with super-crunchy popcorn, deliciously slurpy fizzy drinks or …

This however, is only the precursor to the show-stopping distraction caused by our mega enthusiastic ursine friend …

On his own admission he should never have set a paw in the cinema; Bear is down-hearted for a short while but then … light bulb moment! Can he make recompense where the rest of the audience is concerned? Well maybe …

This is a delight from beginning to end and I don’t mean the movie: Fabi’s latest story is in itself a smashing performance that unfolds like a cinematic comedy.

Two of my story enthusiasts were so taken with the book that they constructed a den/cinema and disappeared inside to read it again.

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