Claude: All About Kevin

Claude: All About Keith
Alex T. Smith
Hodder Children’s Books

One fine day Claude and Sir Bobblysock are perambulating in the warm sun, Claude taking the opportunity to practise his hooter playing, when they come upon a very distressed baby duck.

Benny Begonia, stops by. He suggests the creature has lost its mummy and offers to go and search for her. That’s how Claude and Sir B find themselves doing a spot of duckling sitting.

In order to pacify the little animal Claude suggests a visit to Mr Lovelybuns’ café.

Things are going swimmingly until Claude gets a tad over enthusiastic about his sandwich and SPLAT!

Keith is less than happy about his new pickle-spattered plumage and makes it known in no uncertain terms.

Off they go to the library and soon Keith is happily listening to Miss Hush’s story about an angry dragon. Until that is the librarian asks Claude to give a dragon impression.

You can imagine Keith’s reaction to the almighty roar.

Off they go again – to give Keith an opportunity to do what ducklings like to do. Thanks to Denzel the duckling appears to enjoy his swim but then Claude decides to join him in the water and … Here we go again.

Back comes Benny but without Keith’s mummy. “I should have just stuck with playing my hooter,” says Claude giving it a tiny toot.

Lo and behold that does the trick and before you can say ‘duck’ Keith is not the only one doing some enthusiastic moves to Claude’s tooting.

Back they all go to Pawhaven park: job done surely? Errr, maybe that’s not quite the end of the story. But we all love a happy ending and rest assured there is one though you’ll need to get hold of a copy of the book and discover how things are resolved – if indeed they are.

Alex’s Claude and Sir Bobblysock are totally irresistible and, based on the Disney Junior TV show, this latest adventure is as wittily ridiculous as ever.

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