What’s For Lunch, Papa Penguin?

What’s For Lunch, Papa Penguin?
Jo Williamson

Somewhere in the Antarctic is a café, the best in the region. It goes by the name of Papa and Pip’s. The only thing on the menu is fish, albeit served in a variety of ways: fried, baked, grilled, boiled; they even offer fish ice cream, lollies and pancakes. Seemingly fish is everyone’s favourite.

One day however, a customer demands something else.Papa Penguin is nonplussed but quick to respond.

He and Pippin set out on a long journey in search of some new culinary possibilities. The pandas certainly seem to relish bamboo shoots, after all they’re very bendy, but the chefs need more.
Next stop is a hot hilly location; the climate isn’t to their taste but the nuts, seeds and dates offered by some camels definitely hit the spot.

On they journey adding bread, cheese, cakes, chocolate shakes and yummy fruits to their trolley before heading back to the café.

Before long they’re ready to re-open with a brand new, lip-smacking menu that’s certain to please their faithful customers. Frank however, – the penguin whose demand for “something different” sent Papa and Pip off on their travels – has a surprise in store when he places his order …

Jo Williamson’s new offering is a taste-bud tickler set to please those with a liking for adventure especially of the comestible kind. Papa and Pip are a great comic team whose antics are sure to delight. Love the colour palette and the interplay between words and pictures.

I’d put this one on my early years menu any day.

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