Simon Bartram
Templar Books

Meet Rufus, sharp toothed and super-stinky bottomed; an altogether splendid scary monster: not TIP-TOP scary though on account of having nobody to scare.

Off he goes in search of a Peopley Person to roar, rage and rant at, but all he can see in the desert is vampires and a witch. The forest is equally unpeopley as is the ocean and as for the sky, that’s full of spooky characters zooming through the clouds in various aeronautical machines.

Just when Rufus is on the point of giving up his search he hears music coming from a brightly lit barn: surely all that fun sounding noise must be coming from Peopley Persons within.

Seemingly not, for all that meets his eyes is this super spooky party scene …

Rufus is about to leave when a small ghost grabs his hand inviting him to have some fun.
Surprisingly, with the ghost’s help, fun is exactly what Rufus has and then comes a revelation …

Now Rufus has his chance to become that TIP-TOP SCARY MONSTER he’s always wanted to be. What will he do?

With its surprise finale, endearing protagonist and the unremarked clues scattered throughout Bartram’s bright acrylic scenes as to the possible reason for the seeming lack of Peopley Persons, this is a highly enjoyable teaser of a book.

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