Hug Me, Please!

Hug me, Please!
Przemystaw Wechterowicz and Emilia Dziubak
Words & Pictures
Przemystaw Wechterowicz weaves a seemingly simple, enchanting, tale of two bears.
With the taste of sweet honey on their tongues, Daddy Bear and Little Bear, spend the day hugging each and every character whose path they cross on the woodland walk they take together.
First off is Mr Beaver, a somewhat reluctant recipient who nonetheless agrees, only to discover ‘It felt strange but nice.’ Heartened by the experience, Little Bear suggests finding others to hug and so they do. he bestows a calming hug upon the alarmed Miss Weasel, two hares, an elderly elk, a Red-Riding Hood-hungry wolf …

even an anaconda.

Full of the feel-good factor, with occasional touches of surrealism …

this story imparts a vital message concerning the importance of being able to show and receive affection openly, about empathy and not overlooking anyone. (Listeners will be quick to point out at the end of the story, who it is that’s yet to be a hug receiver.
Emilia Dziubak’s bears are real large creatures with very sharp claws to their paws but this is the only scary thing about them;

and she beautifully rings the emotional changes with the animals’ expressions. I also love the focus on small things – a rainbow hued caterpillar, the delights of dancing, for instance, that are sources of pleasure; and the way in which scenes are framed with things of the natural world – leaves, berries, carrots, and wild flowers.
Both author and illustrator are award winners in Poland; it’s easy to see why. this is sheer delight from cover to cover.

I’ve signed the charter 

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