Origami Heart


Origami Heart
Hodder Children’s Books
Meet rabbit Kabuki, a charming, neat little guy, who lives high up in a city in Japan, who likes everything to be just so, especially when his friend Yoko is coming to visit. Off he goes to the market…


in search of perfect vegetables, excellent snow pea tea and symmetrical flowers; he certainly is a particular fellow.
Back home his obsessive behaviour has him lining up all his new purchases on the kitchen bench in neat rows. These he then proceeds to dice into perfect heart shapes (love that idea) –


and set the table for two. But two doesn’t seem about to happen. Kabuki waits … and waits … but it’s the postman who calls, with a note.Kabuki reads and responds … creatively and, alluringly.
What will be the response to his action?


Gorgeous design, a delightfully quirky story, adorable characters, thoroughly heart-warming illustrations and what looks like a hand-lettered text make this debut book a small treasure; and there’s an added bonus of three spreads giving instructions for making an origami heart, a rabbit …


and an aeroplane at the end of the story.

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