Night Shift


Night Shift
Debi Gliori
Hot Key Books
This eloquent exploration of depression is so achingly beautiful and all the more poignant as it’s grown out of the author’s experience. Yes, there have been picture books dealing with this sensitive subject before but nothing quite so awesomely affecting as this one of Debi’s.


Everything about it, the striking cover, the spare first person narrative monologue, the arrangement of words on the page, those grainy black and white illustrations of the girl narrator and the ever-present, sometimes all pervasive, overwhelming, oh so dark dragon used as a metaphor for the illness are just perfect.


Embracing the whole gamut of emotions from despair –‘Words left me. There was no language for this feeling.’ to, -ultimately – hope: ‘And something shifted.


It’s uniquely personal, but equally, speaks to all – whether or nor they’ve ever found themselves in thrall to this terrible illness.
Most of us know somebody, be they family member or friend, who has suffered from depression; indeed several of my teacher friends have had bouts. Moreover, depression among children is on the rise, partly, but not entirely due to increased curriculum pressures. Despite this, with the decline of funding, there are fewer and fewer human resources available to help. So, as well as being a book for individual readers, this is a must have for use in schools, either with individuals or shared and discussed with a class or group. It deserves the widest possible audience: all power to Debi for being so brave in creating it. Her words on the final page are so moving and revealing.


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  • debigliori  On January 18, 2017 at 10:32 am

    Thank you so much for this. As you can probably tell, it’s been a book very close to my heart, and to discover that it has resonated with other people is truly heartening.

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