Hyde and Squeak


Hyde and Squeak
Fiona Ross
Little Tiger Press
Meet Squeak, inveterate competition enterer, and Granny with whom he shares a residence, as they learn of Squeak’s latest win …


What emerges – literally – from the parcel is something green, wobbly and decidedly whiffy; it’s no wonder Granny puts it straight into the bin.
During the night Squeak cannot resist creeping downstairs and sampling the goo. Big mistake! In no time at all he’s turned into an enormous monster mouse with an insatiable appetite …


If this isn’t bad enough, the following morning after Granny has disposed of the previous night’s mess and set out to buy supplies, another prize is delivered and the whole things starts ALL OVER AGAIN! This time however, there being absolutely zilch to eat, Squeak is forced to turn scientist cum inventor. Move over Professor Branestawm.


Back comes Granny who is dumfounded by the sight that meets her eyes. She immediately puts in a report to the constabulary and learns that similar things are happening all over the town.
Can Granny save Squeak from the monster’s clutches? That is the question …
For the answer, you’ll need to get hold of a copy of this super-silly book and find out for yourself. Watch out for any lurking goo and beware of jelly.
Fiona Ross’s crazy comic-book style spin on the Jekyll and Hyde classic will have young listeners revelling in the messy mayhem and the massive, munching, mouse-machine. They’ll also relish the opportunities to ‘PARP! POOF! and PING!’ along with Hyde, then ZAP along with his machine.
If you work with early years children, I suggest making some green dough and inviting some creative jelly making (strickly no eating!) and perhaps a session of Mega Munch Machine building. The possibilities are endless, just like Squeak’s appetite for competitions.

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