Paws McDraw

Paws McDraw
Connah Brecon
Little Tiger Press
This is subtitled ‘The Fastest Doodler in the West’ so let’s meet the ace doodler himself. Seemingly he’s taken a leaf – or several – out of that white bear of Anthony Browne’s books. This is not in any way to undermine the one under review; it’s a super-duper, full of laughs, story.
Reputedly, Paws McDraw (love that name) is able to draw his way- with a few slick squiggles – out of any danger.


Now though his skills have been called upon by the bunnies and he’s about to face his toughest challenge yet. One of their number, Timmy is in deep trouble – literally – at the bottom of a well and it’s down to Paws (and his pencil) to effect a rescue – which he does pretty smartly and off go the bunnies to celebrate, carnival style. Soon everyone is having themselves a ‘rootin’-tootin’ time’ and filling their faces with cupcakes. All of a sudden though, who should show up but the Rascally Raccoon Gang demanding that the revellers hand over all the yummy-scrummy cupcakes.


Can Paws possibly stop those dastardly cupcake rustlers with a few deft doodles …


or has he well and truly met his match with this evil threesome? Seemingly they have got jail busting down to a fine art …


Will a spot of prestidigitation do the trick perhaps? It’s certainly something that bunnies absolutely love, so we’re told, along with cupcakes that is, and there is assuredly a rather scrumptious finale …
A right rootin’ tootin’ riotous read if ever there was one. Bursting with delicious details, and with a plethora of speech bubbles, and simply teeming with bunnies, Connah Brecon’s illustrations, like his hero, deserve three resounding cheers. Hip, hip CUPCAKES! Hip, hip CUPCAKES! Hip, hip CUPCAKES!

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