One Day On Our Blue Planet … In the Antarctic

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One Day On Our Blue Planet … In the Antarctic
Ella Bailey
Flying Eye Books
Ella Bailey’s second day-stop on her tour of Our Blue Planet is a decidedly chilly one, the Antarctic. Here, as day breaks we join a recently hatched Adélie penguin chick as she waddles along the frozen coastline, weaving across the nesting grounds in answer to her parents’ call.

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Her mother feeds her one last meal and then that little penguin must set out alone into the enormous Antarctic Ocean to fend for herself.
When she reaches the water’s edge there is nothing for it but to launch herself seawards and once in the water, the little creature moves through it with grace and speed, travelling huge distances every day as she seeks food. In her search, the little penguin encounters all manner of marine giants …

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And diving down under the ice she discovers a hidden world rich in food such as krill, squid and fish; but there are also dangerous creatures intent on eating her.

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Further north fur seals are to be discovered as well as different kinds of penguins; but no matter how long it is before that chick returns to solid ground, she has a thick protective layer of fat to keep her warm be she in the sea or, as the cold, cold day turns to bitter night, resting on the floating ice …

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As with her first Savannah destination, Ella Bailey presents an amazing amount of information in such a way that it will be easily absorbed by children who, like this adult reviewer, will delight in making the journey through those chilly southern waters along with little penguin. Her aptly crisp, clear illustrations are superb and the end papers (one above the ice, the other below) are chock-full of visual information.

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