Nicholas and the Wild Ones

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Nicholas and the Wild Ones
Niki Daly
Frances Lincoln Children’s Books
Nicholas has just had his first day at school and we meet him at the gate where his mother greets him. “How did you like it?” she asks. “Not one bit,” is his response and on the way home he proceeds to tell her about the Wild Ones, who have made his life a misery all day. There’s the wildest, Charlie who jumps on people, Wedgie Reggie who gets his amusement by pulling his peers by their underpants, Big-Mouth Jake scoffer of other people’s snacks and scariest of all, the huge Cindy Crocker.

DSCN6244 (800x600)

Back home Nicholas’s family suggest ways to handle those bullies and next day armed with strategies Nicholas faces up to the gang and in the course of the day his tactics begin to pay dividends particularly with the number one bully, so much so that by the end of day two, Nicholas has a new friend with whom to share his design skill.

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And it’s this skill that eventually wins over the rest of the gang who are wild no longer. Well maybe just once in a while ….

DSCN6247 (800x600) (2)

but no matter, Nicholas has plenty more designs up his sleeve.

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This humorous book tackles bullying head on, highlighting the fact that girls as well as boys can be bullies. It’s perfect for circle time discussions in primary classes and for individual sharing. I particularly like the way that Nicholas uses creative means to deal with the bullies here and those end papers are great.

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