Herman’s Holiday

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Herman’s Holiday
Tom Percival
Bloomsbury Children’s Books
Unable to afford the fabulous destinations featured in the glossy brochures, Herman, desperate not to disappoint his best pal Henry, discovers just the thing – a bargain break offer.

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In no time at all he’s packed and ready for a fun-filled trip and so excited. Henry however, doesn’t share his enthusiasm as they wait for their transport to arrive.
Once at the campsite Herman throws himself heart and soul into the experience.

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Poor Henry on the other hand, is finding life under canvas pretty tough.

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No holiday is complete without sending a few postcards decides Herman, but the sentiments expressed thereon differ somewhat ‘Amazing’ writes Herman. ‘Awful” is Henry’s comment. Once again Herman puts pen to postcard – several postcards in fact and soon all manner of packages start arriving.
Nightfall finds Henry sleeping; not so Herman. He spends the hours of darkness on his transformatory plan …

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And from then on life at the camp-site becomes pretty peachy for both of the friends, so much so that Henry’s parting message is ….

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Deliciously droll scenes of the delectable duo, lift the flap postcards and an overloaded rucksack, and Tom Percival’s understated verbal humour are all part and parcel of this great follow-up story, at the heart of which once again, is friendship.

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Dolci was impressed with Herman’s building skills and asked for the story at least 5 times in quick succession

It’s a pity this book is published so near to the end of the summer holidays. I would have loved to send it to any friends and relations about to go off on camping trips; still there’s always next season for that.

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