Oi Frog!



Dolci, not the gophers on the sofa, amused at the various places the animals sit.

Oi Frog!
Kes Gray and Jim Field
Hodder Children’s Books
When Frog complains to Cat about being asked to “Sit on a log!” (they’re nobbly, uncomfortable and give you splinters in your bottom.) he instigates a whole lesson on sitting correctness. Mules sit on stools, gophers on sofas, parrots on carrots … “It’s not about being comfortable. It’s about doing the right thing.” bossy Cat informs him emphatically from the comfort of his mat and so it goes on with the stroppy feline determined to keep Frog firmly in his place “… gibbons sit on ribbons, lambs sit on jams,


bees sit on keys and pumas sit on satsumas.” What a mine of vital information Frog has gleaned during this dialogue; but there’s one obvious animal that’s been omitted from the rhyming litany, …


Guess what he asked that dictatorial Cat next.
As someone who is in despair at what is currently going on in many infant departments in the name of teaching reading, I absolutely loved Kes Gray’s hilarious rhyming tale, which is such a brilliant (unintended?) send up of the whole phonics obsession.
Joy of joys; (I wanted to leap off my bum and grab the nearest mum and yell take a look at this brilliant book). Good old Frog determined to make his voice heard and not be made to stick to someone else’s rules; well yes, it sort of back-fired on this occasion but I bet he’s up and questioning again pretty soon; he’s definitely not one to be kept down.
It’s nigh on impossible to choose a favourite image from among Jim Field’s terrific teeterings, but among my most loved are bees on keys and pumas on satsumas, so brilliantly juxtaposed,


and lions on irons – ouch!
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