Daddy Do My Hair: Deji’s Haircut

Daddy Do My Hair: Deji’s Haircut
Tolá Okogwu and Chanté Timothy
Simon & Schuster Children’s Books

Author and hair-care educator, Tolá Okogwu, celebrates Afro hair again in her rhyming story, this time focusing on the relationship between a father and son.

The tale begins on the morning of Nana’s wedding and she declares that both father (who is giving the bride away) and son (who will act as page boy) are in need of haircuts and right away.

We follow Daddy and Deji as they race against time to find a barber’s shop that is open when they discover their usual one is closed. Daddy calls relations and friends for advice, all the while remaining upbeat about getting to the wedding on time.

Eventually they find one that offers haircuts accompanied music, and with pets allowed. Dad is done first and looks the business but then a moggy takes a leap causing the barber’s hand to slip.

The page-boy to be is distraught but his dad offers to fix his haircut and at home gets working with the clippers; but will they make it to the wedding on time?

After the story, Tolá talks about her desire to create ‘mirrors and windows’ that give children an opportunity to read books that reflect their lives and cultures; she does exactly that in Deji’s Haircut, although the rhyme creaks slightly a couple of times. Echoing the author’s desire, Chanté Timothy’s vibrant illustrations are stylishly cool.

Also included are haircare tips for Afro hair from the author.

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