I’m Not Scared: A Big Hedgehog and Little Hedgehog Adventure

I’m Not Scared: A Big Hedgehog and Little Hedgehog Adventure
Britta Teckentrup

When Little Hedgehog wakes one morning early, Big Hedgehog is nowhere in sight. “Big Hedgehog, where are you?” comes the cry. No answer: of course Little Hedgehog is not at all scared as it sets off to search. Could that noise coming from the basement be that of Big Hedgehog? Yes it is and with a picnic basket packed ready for an adventure for two.

The adventurers set out into the forest, Big Hedgehog whistling cheerfully to keep their spirits up but strangely the whistling continues even after Big Hedgehog stops the song. Now both Hedgehogs feel a little bit scared,

but not once the other whistlers become visible.

After a while there comes a powerful smell: it’s a fox. The two curl themselves into spiky balls and roll away down the hill and Little Hedgehog tries to convince Big Hedgehog all is fine – no fears at all. They play in the meadows then discover that the picnic basket is still in the forest. Oh those hunger pangs!

As dusk begins to fall and the two wend their way home there’s another scary moment as they cross the path of a moving car, only to realise that they’ve gone the wrong way.

When their friend Black Cat appears out of the fog, they recount their adventures and then accept the offer of a ride home. I wonder what Little hedgehog had to say on the way …

A lovely demonstration of navigating childhood fears that will help little ones understand that, be they big or small, everyone feels scared from time to time and it’s better to share how you feel than keep it to yourself.

From a rather gloomy basement to a misty meadow and a dark, shadowy landscape. Britta’s beautiful, richly textured illustrations created from different perspectives, are full of atmosphere and detail. The book has a longish text but it’s not one to be hurried through: this artwork needs to be savoured.

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