My Dad is a Tree

My Dad Is a Tree
Jon Agee
Scallywag Press

When Dad, busy sweeping up leaves, notices his small daughter, Madeleine standing arms outstretched he wants to know what’s she’s doing and why. ‘Because a tree gets to stay outside all day long’ comes her reply. The wily lass then urges her dad to emulate a tree too; he does so ‘But only for a minute!’

Dad however proves to be a very realistic tree. To begin with a baby owl falls asleep on his shoulder, then a robin builds a nest in his hair and he has also attracted insects, 

an arachnid and a squirrel. Moreover he gets hit by a kite, drenched by a sudden shower and is still standing arms outstretched when darkness descends. No matter what he says, Madeleine assures her dad that trees don’t mind; they aren’t afraid of the dark.

Eventually though Dad has had enough; apparently the little owl feels the same and returns to its parent. His daughter has the final words though: ‘We definitely are not trees. But that’s OK We got to stay outside all day long!’ And tomorrow – that’s another day.

The lengths some children will go to to get what they want and the way some dads will go over and above the call of duty for their little ones: told and illustrated in a dead pan style, Jon Agee’s small drama is sure to resonate with fathers and small daughters especially.

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